Dinosaur Smoothie

This smoothie tastes amazing and is loaded with nutritious goodness. 

Chicken Bone Broth (or veggie broth if you prefer)
Cauliflower (2-cups)
Butternut Squash (1/2 the squash diced up)
2-3 Bananas
1 Pear
Unsweetened Almond, Coconut or Hemp Milk
1-2 TSP of Baby Brain Organic (either the Baby or Kids depending on age)

Boil Bone Broth and add cauliflower and squash. Let Simmer until veggies are nice and soft. Cool.

Once the broth with veggies is cool, add to a vitamix or blender. Add other ingredients (and a few ice cubes if the broth is still warm). 

Blend and serve!

Leanne Jacobs