Baby Brain Organics is the leading superfood supplement for babies and kids. Add a sprinkle of Baby Brain organics to your pureed food, smoothies, baking, etc. for a healthy infusion of omegas. The mandate at Baby Brain Organics is to build healthy bodies and brilliant minds. 

Our products provide parents with an easy way to boost the nutrition in their child's meal. Providing them with protein, omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, fiber and iron to nourish their mind and body.

Baby Brain Organics is a mixture of ground seeds, specially designed for healthy brain and body development for children 6 months – 101 years-old. By simply adding 1 tablespoon to your child's meal, you are giving them nutritious building blocks, essential for a healthy body and brilliant mind. Healthy for kids, easy for parents. 


The Baby Brain Organics Team:

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Ric + Leanne Jacobs

Ric and Leanne are entrepreneurs, creatives and holistic health advocates. Along with their 4 children, they felt such grace + alignment when speaking to Amy about nurturing and growing Baby Brain Organics. 

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Amy Brown

Amy is the founder and visionary behind Baby Brain Organics. As a new mom, Amy was desperate to find organic ways to add the highest quality nutrition. As a pilates instructor and nutrition nut, she was on a mission to make her child's food as healthy as possible. Baby Brain Organics became her easy way to make any meal more nutritious.