What is Baby Brain Organics?

Baby Brain Organics | Amy BrownAs a new mum, I am on a quest to find healthy food for my child. I would like to share my research and discoveries with you and your children. Baby Brain Organics is a simple way to boost the nutrition in your child's meal - giving them essential building blocks for a healthy brain and body.

As a first time mum of a four-month-old, I found it very stressful when my doctor told me to start introducing my baby to solid foods. I was breastfeeding - giving him a perfect food, full of all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals he needed, and specifically designed for his growing body and brain.

When my doctor suggested introducing butternut squash, strained peas and applesauce, I couldn't believe my baby was going to continue getting all the vitamins and nutrition he needed. I knew that in the first year of life, babies' brains make 500,000 new neural connections or synapses per second. By 3 years old, babies have formed 1000 trillion connections. Mind blowing - right!!! So in this time of MASSIVE brain and body development, I knew I needed to feed my baby healthy food designed to help his body and brain thrive.

After much research, I came up with Baby Brain Organics - an easy way to boost the nutrition in your child's meal. Providing them with protein, omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, fiber and iron to nourish their mind and body.

Why chose BBO for your child?
We are not eating the same way we did 30 years ago - we've come a long way baby… yet we are still feeding our babies the same way we did 30 years ago. We have learned so much about what we should put into our bodies to improve cellular development and energy. We know that the first few years of life are vital for healthy body and brain growth, so let's make the most of this window of opportunity. Give your kids the nutritional building blocks they need and start them early on a healthy path.

Everyone wants a smart, healthy, happy child - the best way to support their growth is with love and nourishment.

Simple nourishment: 1 tablespoon of BBO in each meal.

Why Organic?
Choose organic products when possible, to decrease your child's exposure to toxic chemicals. The growing brain is at its most vulnerable during the first ten years of life and an organic diet puts a baby less at risk for developing allergies or asthma.